Lately we came across with an email from “Schaeffer’s Investment Research”.

In the email we found the following disturbing promises:

“Double or Triple Your Money in Less Than 5 Days Using This Trading Technique”.

“One of my most popular services, Weekly Options Countdown, consistently drives profits using a strategy that trades weekly options expiring on the first Friday of each month – offering profit opportunities with very modest dollar outlays. With this strategy, you’ll be able to jump start your trading month with six trades aimed to achieve big profits of 100% to 200% in 5 days or less! Last month my Weekly Options Countdown subscribers scored three 100% winners!”

“Click here now to test drive my Weekly Options Countdown for less than $10 and receive 6 primed for profit trades this Sunday!”

“The secret to scoring massive profits in 7 days or less”

“My Schaeffer’s Weekly Options Trader program allows you to play some of the biggest stock movers like AMEX, Tesla Motors, and LinkedIn for just pennies on the dollar. Utilizing a strategy that leverages fast up and down moves, this program targets triple-digit gains in 7 days or less! You’ll be able to target big gains and limit your market exposure using short-term options. In the next month you’ll receive at least 6 trade recommendations, each targeting gains of 100% or more! Normally you’d have to pay $195 to access this program for 30 days, but for a limited time you can try Schaeffer’s Weekly Options Trader for less than $10!”

We strongly advise to be cautious, since options trading is very speculative and risky.

Trading in options is suitable only for those customers who:

  1. understand and are willing to assume the economic, legal and other risks involved.
  2. are financially able to assume the loss of their total investment understand, and are knowledgeable about options trading and the underlying assets.

Moreover, the Recommendations Are Not Guaranteed, and there is No Guarantees Of Profit no matter what they say.

It is unclear why an affiliate of a respectful and regulated brokers, is making such disturbing promises.


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