The SEC’s complaints, allege that, between January 2009 and March 2013, Jeffrey D. Martin of Orlando, Florida and Thomas L. Tedrow of Winter Park, Florida orchestrated a scheme to conceal Mainstream Entertainment, Inc.’s status as a shell company, merge Mainstream with a purported solar energy company and sell millions of purportedly unrestricted shares in the open market, all while flooding the market with false positive information about Mainstream. According to the SEC, Martin and Thomas Tedrow allegedly artificially inflated the price of Mainstream stock through false filings with the SEC, press releases, statements to broker-dealers and transfer agents, and by hiring a stock promoter to cold-call investors using false materials provided by Thomas Tedrow. Martin and Thomas Tedrow also allegedly engaged in matched trading designed to emulate legitimate investor interest in Mainstream while selling millions of shares into the manipulated market. The SEC’s complaint also alleges that Tedrow’s two sons, Christian T. Tedrow and Tyler T. Tedrow, both of Winter Park, Florida, drafted some of the false documents concerning Mainstream and received millions of purportedly unrestricted Mainstream shares that they sold in the open market without registering the shares or having a valid exemption from registration.

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