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Dear Reader,

If you’re a United States taxpayer please pay close attention.

Because you could claim $2,300 or more each month from some of the tobacco industries biggest players – and it doesn’t matter if you’ve ever touched a cigarette in your life.

You see, “Big Tobacco” has already been paying out “Big Money” to Americans.

Everyday people like:
Sean Prince, a retired telephone technician who’s averaging $3,300 a month.
Suzanne Lesko, who’s getting an even bigger piece of the action. She’s averaging $5,000 a month.
Or Sam Fromme, who’s averaging an astounding $6,000 per month…
But Big Tobacco is also required to distribute this settlement cash to 46 states and 5 U.S. territories… forever.

And that’s how even people who are not eligible to collect money due to damages caused by Big Tobacco are able to tap into a pool of profits worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

And they can do it without ever investing in risky up-and-down stocks.

This cash stream comes from one of the most profitable businesses in American history.

Billion dollar investment behemoth Credit Suisse calls it “the best investment over the previous 100 years.”

And in the late ’90’s that same industry settled in one of the largest lawsuits of all time…

You may already know all this.

But here’s the crazy thing – a rule in the historic settlement means you personally may be able to capture thousands of dollars a month thanks to Big Tobacco.

Click here to see what Big Tobacco’s settlement could mean for you…

To Your Success,


Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning


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