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This video from Hillary’s past just won’t go away… It’s haunted her for years. And now, it could be the proof we need to send her to jail. You don’t want to miss this shocking clip… Click here now to check it out!
Shah Gilani’s Monstrous 95% WIN RATE Continues

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Biggest Currency Reboot in 100 Years?

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On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, when President Trump releases his new Tax Reform Plan to the American people… Approximately $2.6 trillion may begin flooding America’s economy – almost overnight. Surprisingly, this isn’t money you’ll receive directly from the government, which is why you can collect this money… even if you didn’t file Form 1040… or never paid a dime in taxes last year. President Trump has made it ingeniously simple to claim your fair share. Click here to get started…
Big Tobacco Payout: Learn More Now!

If you’re a United States taxpayer, you could claim $2,300 dollars every month, tax-free. Due to a massive tobacco settlement, the “Big Four of Big Tobacco” are handing over $206 billion to 46 states for the next 25 years alone. And there’s a backdoor way you could cash in, even if you’ve never smoked a day in your life. Click here to learn more.
Is the Media Covering Up a Story Bigger than N. Korea?

North Korea continues to dominate headlines with missile tests, nuke buildups, and the death of a recently released American prisoner. This regime needs to be dealt with, but are we missing an even bigger story? Click here to learn about the threat the media isn’t covering.


Shah Gilani’s Monstrous 95% WIN RATE Continues
congress We’ve never seen anything like it… since April 21, Shah Gilani has helped Money Morning readers make more money than maybe anyone in history. His last trade recommendation closed out for a 995% win. And he’s got seven more trades lined up right now. To date, his win rate is 95%. And we expect him to continue this incredible achievement for at least the next 18 months. You have to see this.


How the Fed Controls the Stock Market (and How You Can Make That Work for You)
By Lee Adler, Liquidity Specialist, Money Morning

The market is rigged!

But not in the way you might think.

It’s not necessarily the high-frequency traders and corporate insiders all conspiring to hose the little guy while the Wall Street fat cats take all the profits… although that’s true, as well, and certainly doesn’t help regular investors.

Rather, it’s our own U.S. Federal Reserve System – the Fed. You know, the very institution tasked with safeguarding economic growth and stability for the nation (and now, by default and by extension, the world).

The central bank is, effectively and actually, in cahoots with a small, exclusive “club” of elite financial institutions running a market-rigging scheme on a MONUMENTAL scale, and all right under our noses.

What’s more, not only does the Fed drive the market, they actually caused the crash of 2008, stoking the very financial holocaust they’re charged with preventing!

It’s really nothing less than the biggest con in economic history. And nobody has even noticed – until now.

Even to this day, market pundits and famous economists operate under a sort of weird, mass hypnosis. They deny that the Fed and its partners at the world’s other major central banks actually rig the market to go up when they want.

“Sure, there’s a correlation,” they say, “but correlation does not imply causation.”

Well, they are wrong. Dead wrong.

The Fed does rig the market, and it does so in a direct process. It’s a process about which the Fed makes no secret.

How do I know? It’s not classified information held in a locked vault in some undisclosed location. It’s out in the open. I have tracked it every week since the Fed began publishing its daily market operations in 2002, and I’m going to show you in a minute exactly how the system works.

And even better, I’m going to show you how you can make money – sure money – on this manipulation. It’s possible to do this because the Fed behaves predictably and telegraphs what it’s going to do in open market operations.

This is nothing less than a government-issued, Fed-sanctioned license to make money.

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D.R. Barton, Jr.
Why It Seems Like There Are Four Stock Markets Right Now
The trading patterns for the four major indexes are due to a “flight to quality” in the U.S. stock markets. You can see them all in this chart D.R. made last Friday…

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Michael Robinson
This CEO Will Give You a Piece of the Tech World’s Biggest Private Equity Fund
Today Michael’s going to fill you in on the kind of leader and company who can reshape the world. You might not be familiar with him, but Michael will put this CEO (and his 300-year plan) up against the Silicon Valley greats any day of the week…

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Who Is Our $5 Million “Mystery Man”?
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Keith Fitz-Gerald
I Respect David Stockman, but He’s 100% Wrong About Amazon
Reagan-era Budget Director David Stockman rocked markets on Monday by calling Amazon.com Inc. a bubble, saying it’s “set for a spectacular collapse.” Measuring one of today’s largest e-commerce companies using a 35-year-old criteria misses both the point and the profit potential…

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Shah Gilani
Keep Your Money Away from This “Snap Trap”
Our seasoned Capital Wave Strategist, Shah Gilani, has seen this happen a million times before, and he doesn’t want you to get suckered into this new “hot stock” craze…

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