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Every investor needs to own the shares Kent’s going to show you in 2017; they’re the perfect profit play for increasing world tensions.

This “Triple Play” Is Key to Profiting from Energy’s Tense “New Normal”
By Dr. Kent Moors, Global Energy Strategist, Money Morning

Last Thursday, I filled my Oil & Energy Investor readers in on the best energy investing strategy to use in a world wracked by rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the Persian Gulf, and of course, Venezuela.

Now, energy is still making people fortunes. That hasn’t changed, and it’s not likely to in the future, either.

But in an increasingly anxious world, investors will see bigger, more consistent profits when they find a way to bridge two critical sectors: defense and energy.

In fact, in my monthly, paid Energy Advantage and weekly Energy Inner Circle investment research services, I’m adding significantly more “weight” in the stocks that do this very bridging.

Normally, I’d keep these plays close to the vest; after all, it’s only fair. We’ve already enjoyed double-digit gains in these companies, and the upside potential is still enormous.

More importantly, the geopolitical situation is changing so quickly, and the impacts are so profound, that I want to make sure everyone is holding these three stocks at a minimum.

So here they are… Full Story

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Grab Kent’s Updated 2017 Oil Price Forecast Here
It would be a mistake to let crude’s wild swings from the low $20s to the mid $50s scare you away. Kent’s latest research shows oil demand is increasing at a time when still-low prices are driving suppliers out of business.

That’s a recipe for a balanced market and a long-term rebound, according to Kent. Even better, he says this balance will act like a kind of “rocket fuel” catalyst for his favorite energy sector play. It’s given 60% in gains so far, and the pace of profits is increasing.

Click here to get Kent’s new crude forecast, and you’ll get the ticker of the stock he’s watching and complete, free access to his Oil & Energy Investor research. He’ll get in touch twice each week with everything you need to know about the fast-changing global energy markets.

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Here’s the Secret to Timing Gold Perfectly (and Playing It Profitably)
By Lee Adler, Liquidity Specialist, Money Morning

The U.S. government holds 261.5 million ounces of gold.

Now, a government holding gold is not all that unusual. Lots of them do, all over the world.

This is: Uncle Sam doesn’t mark to market!

It just carries the stuff at the nominal value of $42 an ounce, which is about 3% of its market value.

So it pretends that it’s not worth much. The U.S. Federal Reserve shows its gold holdings are “worth” $11 billion – enough to cover any hiccups that might arise from its once-radioactive, still-vulnerable mortgage-backed securities.

But at current market prices, the U.S. government’s gold reserve is worth close to 30 times as much as the books show – about $329.5 billion.

I guess that’s the government’s “insurance policy.”

Me? I see gold not so much as an insurance policy but as a store of value, similar to any other investment. We know it can’t go bankrupt. It’s nobody’s liability, but it sure does fluctuate in price.

In that respect, gold is just like any speculative investment. There’s potential reward, and there’s risk.

Timing is everything. And gold timing should not be a mystery.

Here’s how it’s done… Full Story

Protect Yourself from the Fake Gold Hitting the Markets
Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones happy with gold’s renewed bullish run. Gangs of counterfeiters are using genuine minting equipment, cheap tungsten, and a little impure gold to produce millions of dollars’ worth of American Eagles, South African Krugerrand, and Canadian Maple Leafs. The little bit of real gold in the fakes is designed to fool the common acid test most buyers use to see if they’re getting the “real McCoy.”

According to NBC, a retiree was conned into parting with $84,000, only to find out later his “protective investment” was a handful of good-looking, cheap base metal slugs. The problem is getting so bad, the U.S. Secret Service is beginning to get involved in this – but don’t wait for them to come riding in. Don’t rely on the acid test, either, and even if you’ve been trading gold for years, know that even experienced pros are getting taken every day. To help you buy smarter, we’ve prepared this quick guide to run you through some simple but effective tests that you can do to make sure the gold you’re buying is genuine. Click