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White Elephants

The answer to a $3.2 billion problem (and key to big investor profits) is sitting in a disused corner of a desert airport right now, but maybe not for much longer…

Why I’m Excited About Trump’s New Ride
By William Patalon, III, Executive Editor, Money Morning

I recently caught wind of a deal that’s likely another profit catalyst for one of my favorite stocks – a “Rocky” stock that’s been declared a loser before but keeps piling on the gains.

I filled my paid-up Private Briefing subscribers in on it last weekend, and now I want to let everyone here know about it, too.

It’s a good deal, and we all know Trump loves a good deal – especially one that shaves off millions in, as he might say, “ridiculous” project costs.

Well, now it looks like the U.S. Air Force might have just found a doozy of a deal for the president.

Right now, it’s just collecting dust at a Mojave Desert “boneyard,” but it could very well end up being “SAM 30000” – the new Air Force One.

And you’ll never guess who Trump would have to thank for it… Full Story

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“This Is the Worst Idea I’ve Heard All Week…”
Michael is putting together a new investor report about the cryptocurrencies exploding onto the market right now.

But he’s looking at a “crypto” trend that’s so dangerous he wanted to warn folks about it right away – initial coin offerings, or “ICOs,” like the one boxer Floyd Mayweather talked up on his Instagram account recently. They’re like cryptocurrency IPOs that allow individuals to back all kinds of startups with their coins… and they’re completely unregulated right now.

Sure, you could make millions, but it’s just as likely you’ll lose millions, too. Hacking is a real risk, because not everyone takes security seriously. Then there’s the whole issue of extreme volatility in ICOs. Michael’s recommending his readers avoid ICOs for now and wait just a while longer for his cryptocurrency report, which will have his best, safest crypto- and blockchain-investing ideas. In the meantime, sign up free for his Strategic Tech Investor updates to get first crack at the report when it’s ready. You’ll hear from him three times each week. Just click here.

Dr. Kent Moors
Investments Bridging Energy and Defense Are the Key to Profits
Kent has a high-yield strategy for making energy profits in a world of ever-increasing tensions. And he’s going to prove it works with this stock “triple play”… Full Story

Keith Fitz-Gerald
Don’t Let Kim Jong Un Mess with Your Money
Investors finally let the North Korea situation get the best of them, and markets have indeed felt the impact. Here’s how to take control of your money for maximum protection and profits… Full Story

Must See
Big Tobacco Must Pay
Please pay close attention: Thanks to a clause in a massive $206 billion tobacco settlement, there’s a backdoor way you can collect tax-free income… even if you’ve never smoked a day in your life. And once claimed, the money can flow in every single month. For full details on getting into one of the 156 remaining deals, click HERE now.

Michael Robinson (Premium Content)
Our Baozun Calls Are at 667%, so Take This Next Step
In just five weeks, our shares for this growing Chinese web sector have soared to 32%. Make this move to take advantage of this strong rally and get back some of your capital… Full Story

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