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Ever heard of “event-driven investing?”

It’s a strategy used by hedge funds and private equity firms to reap massive rewards in both bull and bear markets alike.

The idea is simple: Find a stock with a specific catalyst that will lift it dramatically in the near future.

Here are some recent examples: (AMZN) has long been heralded as the king of e-commerce. But savvy traders identified the power of its cloud computing arm and bought in early — then, when details finally were divulged formally in Amazon earnings reports, shares surged about 70% in a year.

Speaking of e-commerce, Best Buy (BBY) has seen plenty of pain in the age of Amazon. But all it took was a long-awaited string of cost-cutting measures and a big push of its own into digital sales to cause the stock to soar from $27 at the start of 2016 to $49 at year end.

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) announced its $30 billion bid for Actellion recently, and investors in the smaller company are sitting on 110% returns in the last 12 months. Actellion wasn’t a small player bleeding red ink, but a serious healthcare company… but for wise investors, it doubled their money just like an aggressive small-cap stock.
In hindsight, it’s very obvious how to profit. But the trick is getting there first — before other investors start driving the price sky high.

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