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A Famous Wall Street Firm Paid This Guy $20 Million to Share His Secrets. But He Kept THIS ONE Under Wraps (Until Now)

He never worked at a fancy investment bank. And he never graduated from college. In fact, he spent much of his career as a customer service rep at an Atlanta Home Depot. But he became so good at beating the stock market’s top traders, he was paid $20 million to divulge “almost” all of his secrets. However, he kept his most powerful secret all to himself. But today, live on camera, he’s agreed to reveal it. Watch him officially become $4,591 richer in 15 seconds! And then $3,978 richer in 14 seconds… $2,771 richer in 10 seconds… and $8,062 richer in 8 seconds! Even better, you’ll discover how you can do this all yourself. It’s easy! [Full story…]
The $100 Trump Retirement Roadmap

Trump is set to unleash a $11.1 trillion tsunami in the markets… As soon as he takes office on January 20, dozens of tiny firms could skyrocket by 100%, 300% and even 721%. This is your chance to turn a small stake of $100… into a life-changing fortune. Click here to find out how.
BOMBSHELL: Will the Catholic church recover from this?

What researchers have just uncovered is baffling Christians all over the world… [here’s why] I was able to find a short video here that exposes the controversial details. But I have to warn you: it may change the way you think about the Catholic church. Click here for the full story.
This Biotech Stock is About to go Ballistic

Biotech stocks on the cusp of a major breakthrough can make you an absolute fortune. Early investors in Celgene could have turned a tiny investment into $76,000. A world-renowned biotech expert just revealed that he’s found what he believes to be “the next leap in medicine.” Complete details here…
Breaking News: $2.6 Trillion Tax ‘Settlement Check’

Financial expert Teeka Tiwari reveals how to claim your “check” for $12,500… $27,000… $58,550… all the way up to $127,895. Click here for the full story.
[Banned for 82 years] Now OPEN to Regular Investors

For the past 82 years, you’ve likely missed out on some of the biggest winners in the history of investing. Businesses like GoPro, which would have turned a $100 stake into about $133,000… Airbnb, where a $100 stake from 2009 is now worth $797,000… and Uber, which turned $100 into $1.25 million over the past 7 years. But you don’t have to miss out anymore! Click here to see why.
TRUMP: China’s attempt “to help with North Korea… has not worked”

President Donald Trump has criticized China for being ineffectual against the menacing threat of North Korea, shortly after condemning what he called “the brutality of the North Korean regime.” But what’s really going on here? Could China be up to something else? You’re going to want to see this story.

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North Korea’s “Black Swan” Nukes…
As the threat of North Korea’s nukes continues to develop, Money Morning’s Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald joins a Fox Business Network panel to consult on the possibility of the communist nation triggering a “Black Swan” event. To get the full rundown of this conflict – and to be first in line for Keith’s critical insights in the future, click here. You’ll also be added to his twice-weekly Total Wealth Research newsletter – completely free.

The Student Loan Crisis Can Be Solved – Here’s the Simple Solution
Student loan debt is a monster problem. But it doesn’t have to be, and it shouldn’t be. This may seem like an insurmountable task that we couldn’t possibly see resolved in our lifetimes, but that simply isn’t true. Shah Gilani is sharing the simple solution that fixes the systemic issues in higher education financing.

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