If you are receiving emails or calls about getting back your lost funds from unregulated brokers, online frauds and legal breaches by merchants, just stay away from it. You may be fraud victim once again.

Please ask yourself, how did they get your details. It may be the same people who defrauded you at the first time.

Websites such as www.payback-ltd.com, www.winchargeback.com, may do more bad than good, and it may be another scam.

If you want to try such services do not give them your credit card details. Moreover, do not sign their contract, online contract, send your approval via email and so forth, without reading and understanding. Again, please do not give them your credit card details.

Make sure no one is rushing you to a”perfect deal”, since “they have a special price for new clients”, “special promotion for the holidays” etc.

You are better than those sales tactics. Fraudsters may managed to fool you at the first time, but now you have learned.

If you want to try without any assistance, first, please call your credit card company, and ask what can be done (please note, it is valid only if you used your credit card). Second, check who are the entities you dealt with (it may be written in the website’s terms and conditions, contact us page, or on the website’s disclaimer). Once you know the from where is the entity, you should submit an official complaint.

Example 1: you found that the entity is from the British Virgin Islands, you may submit an official complaint at BVIFSC.

Example 2: you found that the entity is from the Cayman Islands, you may submit an official complaint at CIMA.

In addition, if you can check who are the shareholders and the company’s directors, it might be useful. If you can contact the shareholders and the company’s directors in person it might be fruitful.

The above mentioned might not be helpful, but it is worth trying.

Please find attached a related warning published by the UK National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), victims who been defrauded and paid scammers by Western Union are being warned to watch out for fraud recovery fraud after a multimillion-dollar settlement in the US.



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