According to, HitBTC’s customers facing withdrawal delay. According to the report, a large number of customer complaints have been surfacing recently around the internet claiming withdrawal delays lasting weeks, and also accusing the exchange of stealing their money.

The article suggest that, HitBTC is among the ten largest exchanges worldwide and if any of the accusations are true, it will be a huge blow to the crypto market.

The second story, which also published at, claims the New SegWit2x has Nothing to Do with the Cancelled SegWit2x.

According to the research, the project’s founder, Jaap Terlouw, has virtually no information about his status as a “developer” anywhere else online, save for a LinkedIn profile listing him as the founder of the SegWit2x project and a TourBar profile that says he is looking for “friends”.

Artur Bujnicki, Robert Szabo, and Bartosz Kozłowski, who are listed respectively as the new SegWit2x’s “Senior Software Engineer”, “Core Developer”, and “Business Development.” None of the three indicate anywhere on their LinkedIn profiles that they have any involvement with the new SegWit2x project whatsoever.

Both Bujnicki and Szabo have written on their profiles that they are seeking “new opportunities.” It’s not clear whether either of them know that they are listed on the new SegWit2x website.

According to the article, as the world of cryptocurrency moves further into the mainstream world of financial technology and popular culture, things seem to get weirder and weirder as they become more profitable. Crypto scams are being born left and right, and will continue to be for some time. Keep your ears sharp, your eyes peeled, and be smart.

The third story from, is about UBI Blockchain Internet, Ltd, and the Crypto’s bubble. According to the article the company is a startup with no revenues, but it’s value jumped about 1,000% this year.

According to the article, at least one business expert doubts this is anything other than hype. Charles Lee, a professor of management and accounting at Stanford University, commented: “The profile of this company is scary. Blockchain is right at the apex of saliency right now. But you have this problem because it’s hard to verify anything — the technology, the fact that it’s in China. You certainly don’t want to own this stock.”

Those words, researches, warning and stories are welcome, and should be consider by all market participants. There are bad players in the Crypto’s  ecosystem, only time will tell who they are. Please try to be careful out-there.