There are many different types of KPIs that organizations in the Web3 space may use to […]
Keynote Address by Commissioner Caroline D. Pham at the EUROFI Financial Forum Prague 2022 We really […]
Answers from officials are helpful. You can find answers in keynotes and speeches, you just need to read or listen. What does the CFTC regulates? Is DeFi needs to be regulated?
If you are thinking about investing in U.S.-listed company with contractual relationships with a China-based VIE (variable interest entity) structure. Think twice, and be aware of those investment huge risks. Losing your investment is an option.
Do you think Defi is endangering the financial system? the CFTC may think it does.
If you read Chair Gary Gensler testimony from May 6 2021 you can find the answer (mostly, payments from wholesalers to brokers). Is it a problem? keep reading...
This page contains the names of UK businesses that appear to be carrying on cryptoasset activity that are not registered with the FCA for anti-money laundering purposes. Please note that this is not a complete list of all unregistered cryptoasset businesses that are operating in the UK. It contains the details of unregistered businesses that we are aware are currently operating.
Crypto MOM latest speech: It is common to hear government officials worrying about crypto’s use by criminals, even though the numbers suggest that it is used for illicit purposes less often than cash is. Perhaps, government officials should pause to consider the flip side of crypto—its value in protecting people from illicit activity. Because of its ability to reach people without intermediaries and its ease of storage, transport, and access, crypto can be an important part of the survival story of people living under the threat of harm by their families, people in their communities, or repressive governments.
How can we clean the internet from fake online ads, which in some cases promote by scammers? One thing for sure, it is ongoing process.
As is typical of pump-and-dump schemes, they secretly accumulated a position in a digital asset through bitcoin trading in anticipation of price spikes following McAfee’s misleading public endorsements on social media.