According to the research, we can conclude that Cryptoassets, at the moment, are more like gold or commodity, rather than a currency (place to store value rather than a currency like EUR/GBP/USD). 
It was interesting to read the following speech of Therese Chambers, Director of Retail and Regulatory […]
Life is risky, and so are Digital Assets and Related Investments. If your risk tolerance is low S&P 500 stocks may be better investment option for you.
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Please don't get confused, and remember that some "exchanges" are not regulated by the sec. Please remember that the Cryptocurrency world is not fully supervised and regulated
Six stories about the following topics: Insider trading, FBI, Coincheck, Bitconnect, OneCoin, Tether
Seven stories about the following: Western Union, Cold-calling, IOTA wallet, bitFlyer, Benebit ICO, My Big Coin and Bitcoin Money Laundering
Three enforcement actions (U.S. agencies) and one enforcement agency statement (ESMA CFDs and binary options proposed measures).
The common between Kodak, AMERI Holdings, Recon Technology, SPI Energy and NQ Mobile is blockchain-related news. Once the blockchain-related news announced, those stocks started to move sharply.
Companies with minuscule or no revenues, though their combined market capitalization is many billions due to blockchain-related activity.