If you are thinking about investing in U.S.-listed company with contractual relationships with a China-based VIE (variable interest entity) structure. Think twice, and be aware of those investment huge risks. Losing your investment is an option.
Do you think Defi is endangering the financial system? the CFTC may think it does.
If you read Chair Gary Gensler testimony from May 6 2021 you can find the answer (mostly, payments from wholesalers to brokers). Is it a problem? keep reading...
According to the research, we can conclude that Cryptoassets, at the moment, are more like gold or commodity, rather than a currency (place to store value rather than a currency like EUR/GBP/USD). 
It seems that only digital platforms users will judge if the technology provided is good or bad. Even the best ice-cream shop has complaints, and when it comes to digital platforms there are many interests involve. Therefore, this case is tricky, and maybe that's why decentralize and non-censorship system/s will gather more attraction in the future.