Congrats, but you are in risk. The risk of losing your life, your money and your […]
How did scammers make money in 2017? well, some used the fax machine, but the rest did better by using the following:
high-pressure sales tactics – typically a red flag of fraud – to persuade the couple to invest, with statements such as: You are definitely getting in at the perfect time This investment opportunity will not last long I can guarantee that your money will double There’s absolutely no risk to you You Just Made a BIG Mistake!
Chicago, Ill. introducing broker Fortune Trading Group, Inc, Telegram ICO, pump-and-dump classic story and the latest from Information Commissioner Office
Six stories about the following topics: Insider trading, FBI, Coincheck, Bitconnect, OneCoin, Tether
Seven stories about the following: Western Union, Cold-calling, IOTA wallet, bitFlyer, Benebit ICO, My Big Coin and Bitcoin Money Laundering
Ponzi scheme stories from the regular world and from the cryptocurrencies world
Websites such as,, may do more bad than good, and it may be another scam. 
It is advisable to use register financial adviser, if things goes wrong, he/she may have professional liability insurance, and you may be able to get back your money. Regarding case, it is not clear how much money the victims will get back (if any), since the wrongdoers may not have sufficient funds or assets.
Metro Options Limited who provided services to was shut down by the UK's Insolvency Service