Why insurers made a good job? they will claim to the government that those policies were not designed to bring them into bankruptcy, and they will request and get compensation, where needed. Therefore, if you were worried, don't be, most probably, we will pay for it, it will still come from your pocket. When the system is smarter than us, it may be...
If you want to replace the insurer, instead of paying the premium for the insurance companies, make a monthly provision. In case something goes wrong, you can always trust yourself. 
The SEC have hard work ahead, plenty of responsibilities, and they are doing it for us, in order to keep our funds safe. The future for sure will be different and modernize. Maybe, blockchain technology can assist, once it will become faster, only god knows. Hopefully, we get better prices in the future.
On April 20th, 2020, May futures contract fell from $17.73 per barrel at the market open to a closing settlement price of negative $37.63 per barrel
Who will side insurers (except their fully paid lawyers)? should they be protected? did they sell unreasonable policies? who will side SME? time will tell.
You should signal where needed, but some signals may require a licence and regulation.
China is challenging place, base on the following SEC statement you should carefully review your Chinese/emerging markets investments.
This information helps consumers and small businesses find the right service for them, get the most out of it, and get help if things go wrong.
Congrats, but you are in risk. The risk of losing your life, your money and your […]
Should you change your categorization status from retail to professional? most probably not