People with no financial understanding and knowledge are suffering poorly according to the FCA. The warning suggest those hard work good people with no financial experience lost over £27 million Crypto and Forex investment scams.
During Scams Awareness Month, people are being warned to be vigilant against rogue health supplement companies who target elderly and vulnerable victims.
Seven stories about the following: Western Union, Cold-calling, IOTA wallet, bitFlyer, Benebit ICO, My Big Coin and Bitcoin Money Laundering
Websites such as,, may do more bad than good, and it may be another scam. 
If you Google the word "Bitconnect", your search results may include paid ads sponsored by "make money" advertisers. "Hexabot", "Investellect", "", "Chain Group" and "Make Money with Bitconnect" are nothing but a scam
Beware to online “paid-to-click” scams that promise an easy payday
Investors should be wary of companies touting ICOs as a way to generate outsized returns
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