Subject: Explanation of 'Not Recommended' Note for Web Wallet Access on

Dear Kiml View Users, We would like to provide clarity on the 'Not Recommended' note associated with accessing your crypto assets through the web wallet option. The disclaimer, which states "NOT RECOMMENDED: This option should only be used in offline settings by experienced crypto users," is in place to ensure transparency about the potential risks involved

Control Over Your Wallet:

The 'Not Recommended' status is primarily due to the inherent connection between your mnemonic phrase method and your private key, the unique key unlocking your wallet. If unauthorized individuals gain access to this key, whether in the form of a keystore file or mnemonic phrase, they can gain full and permanent control of your wallet. Keystore files can be susceptible to brute-force attacks, and mnemonic phrases can be directly utilized in wallet interfaces to facilitate unauthorized asset movements. For enhanced security, we strongly discourage the use of a web wallet and recommend opting for a wallet app. The app ensures that your key remains separate from the online environment, shielding it from prying eyes. We advise creating a new wallet with a wallet app promptly and migrating your crypto assets from the old software wallet.

Why Provide Software Options If They Aren't Recommended?

At Kiml View, we believe in empowering users with the tools necessary for financial freedom while maintaining a commitment to user choice. Our platform strives to offer secure options that are both convenient and robust in protecting users from scams, malicious actors, and potential human errors. The 'Not Recommended' designation aims to raise awareness of the risks associated with certain methods while respecting users' autonomy. While we encourage the use of a wallet app for its security features, we acknowledge the user's right to choose alternative methods. If you opt for one of these access methods, we strongly advise using it in an offline setting to mitigate potential risks. Thank you for your understanding and commitment to securing your digital assets.