Advertising support

We have developed an advertising diversion model covering everything from system creation to plan improvement. Ensure your customers can choose from a wide range of tools, including exchange pointers, EAs, exchange competitions, and duplicate exchange frames.

Functional support

Get access to a wide range of announcement systems, including custom details, so you have complete control over your leads.

Organization programs

Our market-boosting organisation programs focus on high switching rates, adaptable rewards, exceptional presentation, and operational support.

How we are different

Become a seller on Kiml View and enable millions of people worldwide to be independent of the rat race. Offer different installment strategies that resonate well with buyers, cut out the brokers, and we will support you with all the tools and instructions needed to succeed.

Latest news

Answers from officials are helpful. You can find answers in keynotes and speeches, you just need to read or listen. What does the CFTC regulates? Is DeFi needs to be regulated?
If you are thinking about investing in U.S.-listed company with contractual relationships with a China-based VIE (variable interest entity) structure. Think twice, and be aware of those investment huge risks. Losing your investment is an option.
Do you think Defi is endangering the financial system? the CFTC may think it does.

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